Modern application development isn’t just limited to one language or framework. This is because application, nowadays, are modularized to separate concerns in terms of technical and logical aspects. Some modules might be performance sensitive, some might need to be more secure, some might need data access via REST APIs, and so on.  There is not just one technology that might be suitable and beneficial for every component of the application, but every component can be tackled with different technologies and frameworks.

To catch up with modularization, the key factor is to choosing the right technology for a module based on its dynamics. This requires in-depth and thorough knowledge about the modern technologies and their associated frameworks. Not just decision making, the integration itself sometimes brings challenges during the development phase, which takes the most of the time.

NMX has a very multifaceted and all-round experience of the latest technologies in the industry. We have expertise with the most widely used technologies along with the associated frameworks to best serve our customers. Our development team focuses on gaining deep understanding of the dimensions and trends; as well as hands-on experience with the technology.

NMX has more than 14 years of experience building applications in developing mission-critical, scalable and highly available applications using Enterprise Java and its related technology and frameworks such as Struts, Spring, Hibernate, Java Persistent API, Java Messaging Queues, JNDI, JSF and a lot more.

With growing popularity of Javascript, NMX has been able to successfully able to deliver several projects. Technology was used to develop performance intensive and secure backend of the application, and to make feature rich, user-oriented frontend systems. Our aptitude with technologies such as Node JS, React, Angular, Meteor, Redux allows us to meet any pace of development.

NMX has very solid .NET expertise against its name. To offer our customers, best-in-class services, we have a team of very competent team of .NET professionals with huge hands-on experience. Our team continuously enhances its skills in mastering the key technology.

NMX has rich experience in developing dynamic websites, custom web applications, desktop applications and mobile applications with different combinations of technologies such as Python, PHP, Ruby on the backend; while leveraging the power of HTML5, CSS3, Android, iOS, React Native, and Ionic Frameworks to enhance the users-end.