Comprehensive Testing Delivers

  • High Quality
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Higher Productivity
  • Faster Delivery
  • Lower Operational Costs

NMX Offers

  • Manual testing
  • Automated testing
  • Security/Vulnerability testing
  • Load testing
  • Build/Test toolchains

Our Quality Assurance Team starts early in the development process by reviewing Epics, User Stories, and functional requirements, and identifying ambiguities and inconsistencies within the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). We provide software testing services from product inception through delivery via an end-to-end testing solution that includes manual, automated, performance/load and security/penetration testing. An automated testing suite is an integral part of our SDLC, enabling quicker execution of tests for each iteration in the development process. We attain cost and time efficiency while enhancing quality, productivity, consistency, usability, and test coverage.

For test automation, we use leading-edge tools and frameworks that enable software testing with minimal human intervention at any time during the SDLC. The result: Maximum test coverage in minimum time. We have incorporated a robust tool-chain in our testing framework for unit testing (e.g. JUnit), functional testing (Selenium, HP UFT), code coverage (Clover, EclEmma), performance testing (JMeter, Web Performance Load Tester) and security testing (e.g. OWASP ZAP). With both hybrid and generic automation frameworks in place, we make sure our tests are scalable, re-useable, modular, and are prone to recover. We develop, test, and deploy software in very short release cycles, using Jenkins for an automated build and deployment process; we are skilled at continuous integration, delivery and deployment.

We put special attention on continuously improving our processes and procedures to provide superior quality software to our clients. We work in very close collaboration with programmers in the client’s organization and our own organization to diagnose and fix issues to achieve a high quality product.

For larger scale application, we usually create and operate a tool-chain for automated generation of load and denial of service attack simulation. We take extensive measurements that enable us to investigate and remove bottlenecks, ensuring optimal server load.

We also put extensive effort into testing the usability of our clients’ software. The goal is to enable their users to have the best possible user experience (UX). Thus, major emphasis is put on usability testing.


NMX has been developing web-based software for nearly twenty years. During that time, we have made an immense investment on QA, as it is a critical part of our development process. Our team has vast experience, and extensive knowledge and expertise in the latest testing tools and technologies. We have a proven track record of delivering quality products. Our QA team is exceptionally competent, always fully committed and fully reliable (and highly enthusiastic), which is why our clients always deliver software that is among the highest quality in the industry. NMX offers full-service professional QA that can be engaged at any point during the software development lifecycle to make a significant, positive difference in product quality.